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29, Sep
How to start a flower garden from scratch

Flowerbeds in the country, in the garden or near the country house – a simple option for decorating the site. With our own hands it is not difficult to make both large and small flowerbeds, but it is important to take into account the subtleties of work and choose varieties of plants. Then the design will not take much time, and the flowerbed will harmoniously fit into the landscape design.

Stages of creating a flower bed

The creation of a flowerbed on any plot with their own hands begins with the determination of the place. Growing conditions for different plants are different, but you can find a universal solution. To do this, select such a place in the garden, where the flower bed will not interfere with domestic affairs and movement. Lowlands and areas of accumulation of water will not be suitable, as moisture will have a negative effect on many plants, which will spoil the landscape design. In order not to commit a number of typical mistakes in the design of the garden, you need to arm yourself with a pencil and a piece of paper and draw in advance at least approximately your area with the plants you want to see on it. 

When creating a flower bed in the garden, take into account the following:

  • The soil must be light, nutritious, thanks to which the planting will be effective. If it is planned to plant flowers that prefer a sandy base, then for them it is worth setting aside a separate zone, for example, on the perimeter of the bed. This factor is taken into account when choosing plants and arranging a flower bed with their own hands in the garden;
  • The shape depends on the area allocated for the flower bed in the garden. Round, rectangular and oval options look good in the center of the yard. Long ones are easy to place along the main path in the garden, and shaped decorative flower beds will diversify the simple landscape design;
  • As additional decorations you can choose stones, bricks, mini-fence made of wooden planks and other similar details. They will help to highlight the perimeter of the bed and give it a clear shape;
  • Flowers in the garden is easy to plant with their own hands, but you need to combine greenery in shade, height, lushness. For example, you can plant tall tulips or irises in the center, and on the edges place lower types of plants with lush greenery, different varieties of annuals.

Beautiful flowerbeds are not difficult to create, but it is important to pay attention to the type of construction.

flower garden


  • Modular options combine sculptures, plants and other elements that form a composition. They are most often used in city parks. Such flowerbeds at the dacha are unprofitable.
  • Along fences, near the walls of buildings, it is easy to place a beautiful mixboard, which is a combination of several plants of annuals. Such beautiful flowerbeds in the garden are convenient for small plots and planting small plants, design perennial varieties with any form of leaves.
  • Solitaries are located in the center of the site, and to grow with their own hands use flowers of the same height or with other similar features. Often they are round in shape, and the circumference is decorated with bricks. At the same time, the landscape design around it is quite simple.
  • Rabatka – a small rectangular summer flowerbed in the garden. In such flowerbeds, plants with an elongated form of leaves are often planted, providing the effect of lushness. Simple and beautiful flowerbeds in a private garden or in the countryside are suitable for decorating with perennial varieties.
  • Borders are narrow decorative flower beds. Often their width does not exceed 50 cm. They are located along paths. Such a flower garden in the dacha is suitable for compact and low plants.

Much depends on the type of greenery. Summer composition, decorating flower beds, requires the planting of fresh seeds in the spring. If perennial options are used, then with the beginning of the new season, the design of flowerbeds involves only the introduction of fertilizers, removal of old grass. At the same time, the summer one needs to recultivate, prepare seedlings and other works. In any case, all beautiful flowerbeds are distinguished by their grooming and absence of weeds.


Make your own automatic irrigation

Auto-irrigation systems are great helpers, but not everyone can afford them. Buy and lay out an oozing hose in your flower bed and connect it to a regular hose. Such a homemade system can be plugged in and left for a few hours and do other things. Plants don’t like it when we water them from above, but prefer to water under the root.

Collect rainwater

Rainwater is softer than well water. Plants will thank you if you take care of them this way, too.

Master tree pruning

Fruit trees in particular suffer from improper pruning. Spend time and learn the process. You can even take special courses. In my practice, I have met orchards ruined by inept pruning. They are very difficult to restore.

Prepare compost

The larger the compost pile, the better. Collect in it different types of waste, mix them and already in a year you can get the best natural fertilizer.

Don’t abuse exotic plants

It will be easiest to take care of the plants of your own strip. But if you really want to plant something outlandish, then let it be in small quantities. In that case, for plants uncharacteristic of your area is better to allocate a separate place and create the most convenient conditions for them there.

The more details you take into account in planning your garden, the more beautiful it will be. Arm yourself with a pencil and eraser to think through and write down all your wishes. And only then go to the garden store.

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